7 Mistakes to AVOID when calling a psychic hotline

OK so you finally have made the decision to call a psychic hotline for the very first time. You probably have many many questions to ask and you are  a little nervous. There’s just so much you need to know, right? So many questions, so many issues to discuss… It’s only natural! Don’t overthink it and just talk to the psychic like you would normally talk to a friend or relative. Psychics know what you are going through and will try as much as they can to put your mind at ease. Don’t stress, relax and make the call!

People calling a psychic for the first time can make it very difficult on themselves by not really understanding how to get the most out of it. They have no idea how a psychic hotline actually works. As a professional psychic for many years, this is a very tough client to read for. Some of the questions that clients ask us is baffling and frustrating to say the least. Professional psychics are there to help people and they do their best to read for the client, but, some clients have pre-conceived ideas about psychic readings and what to expect.

psychic chatline

Here is a list of some common mistakes made by a first time caller when asking questions:

(Keep in mind first-time callers usually have ten minutes or less for the reading, that’s is they buy one of those 10 minutes for 10 dollars packages to test a service.)

1. Clients assume the psychic knows who they are talking to and do not give their first name when asked. A common response from the client is: ‘You tell me, you’re the psychic’. Right away, they have turned the psychic’s energy ‘off’. Please remember, we are not mind-readers!

2. Clients ask about a ‘certain person’ and what they are thinking or feeling. We have to clarify who they are asking about in order to ‘tune in’ to the person in question; is this your father, brother, boyfriend, ex-husband, the family dog – ‘who?’ are you asking about?

3. Clients call and say they want a reading (with their ten minutes) on their love life, career, life in general and what is going to happen in the next six months. No psychic or tarot reader that I know can give a decent reading in ten minutes with huge areas to cover. This would take much longer than ten minutes.

4. The caller assumes that you read Tarot cards and if you don’t, want to know how you do readings (they don’t read the psychic’s bio to find out their abilities).

5. The client calls a Tarot reader who is not a medium and wants to know about their dead grandmother. This is a huge mistake as not all psychics and tarot readers are mediums.

6. They call and say, ‘Tell me about myself’ – another huge turn-off to the psychic.

7. They withhold all useful information and expect you ‘just know’ even why they are calling. This is a big mistake. All readers need some information about a client and their situation to be able to give an accurate reading to the best of their ability.

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All of the above listed misconceptions can easily be corrected if the first-time caller were more informed as to the work professional psychics, tarot readers and mediums actually do.

Most psychic sites have information on ways to get the most out of a psychic reading. The more informed the client is, the better the reading will be. Doing just a little research on will help the client and the choices they make when picking a psychic, tarot reader or medium to do a first reading for them.