Everyone has a spirit guide

I do believe that everyone has a spirit guide or guides, however, most people have not tried to contact them. They exist as personal contacts to the spirit world and their job is to guide you, comfort you and be that small voice inside your head that to warn you of bad decision making. I feel that their job is a tough one because most people ignore those little hunches, messages or feelings that come in for the purpose of guiding you in the best path at that moment.

They are like angels, only they are in human images and I see them as people that have crossed over and taken you on during your lifetime to aide you through all of life’s complex situations.  These spirit images comes in many shapes and sizes, can be from any era and any age.  You can personally contact them and ask questions and actually receive answers.  Sometimes they talk in words or sentences and other times use body language or telepathy.

Spirit guides are available to anyone who wishes to contact them.  If you are used to meditation, then you will not have much of a problem in communicating with them. The first step is to get quiet in an environment that is free of people, noise and any distractions such as a radio or television.  Once you are completely relaxed, ask a spirit guide to make themselves visible.  Sometimes, at first, they may come in as a foggy figure and over time this will clear up until the spirit is visible in your mind.  Ask them their name so you can address them with a stronger energy and your answers will come quicker.

It may take a few days for a guide to make themselves known, but, with practice they will.  Most people have more than one guide which are contacted for different purposes.  With time and practice, you will learn which guides are better at certain things.  Just keep practicing until they appear right away under relaxed conditions.  You are their project and they are there for you so, contact them to help you through and guide you to the right choices.

Making use of your spirit guides is a wonderful way to get in touch with your spiritual side.  They are the ones who let you know that you are not alone and they are there to help you through their spiritual energy.  Their sole purpose is to be your connection to the metaphysical world and to ask them for their guidance and support as you go through life.  They will be more than happy to help you once you learn to communicate with them.  Some people have just one guide and others have many. Make friends with one and it can help you through the rough spots in life that we all face.