How psychics get their information

Before you get your reading from a psychic hotline you probably wonder -where do they get information from? How does it works exactly? Is there a “secret” or some other thing?  While it may or may not come from the same place, people who are professional readers describe this process differently.

For those who read the Tarot cards, they sometimes will say, (when asked) the cards are telling me or the card are showing that. Depending on how psychic they actually are, the answers will reflect as stated above. However, for those people who are straight tarot card readers, they will explain the answers in your reading on the actual card meanings and that their predictions will be accurate.

Some people who are also psychic will combine the information the tarot deck gives with information they may also be getting in addition. This can take the form of images or the gift of being clairvoyant or clairsentient which means the reader is picking up thoughts and emotions from another person.

Still other professional psychics will tell you that they pick up from spirit guides; theirs or yours.  Some of those people can also pick people who have crossed over and they can channel from the other side.  Their gifts are picking up a person who has died and can receive messages from them.

Many readers, whether it is tarot or a pendulum they use, will tell you that ’spirit’ is guiding them.  They do not generally define what spirit is other than the information is coming in from an outside source and they are being guided to give you messages.

Still other readers prefer to get messages from angels.  They will often use a deck somewhat like a tarot deck, but with angels and pictures giving messages.

Wherever you prefer to believe the messages to come from, and whatever form they take depends on the psychic or tarot card reader.  What is important is that you get your questions answered and your situation resolved through the gifts of spirit whoever they may be.